Every year at our conference you have an opportunity to present and share your fantastic work. This may be research, audit or a practice development initiative in your area. There is a travel/educational bursary prize for the best poster. The bursary must be used towards funding a relevant urology course or attending a urology conference. A condition of the prize will be an invitation to the annual conference the following year to share your experience and learning with a short presentation. We would also encourage you to share it on our blog.

Please view poster presentation masterclass for poster presentation guidance.

For further information on poster submission please contact Sheila Kiely at

1. Submit an abstract (no greater than 300 words) to at least 2 weeks prior to the conference date. You will be contacted by a member of the committee once your abstract is received to confirm acceptance.
2. Please prepare a short 3 minute PowerPoint presentation to showcase your work. Please email your presentation at least 48 hours prior to the conference and also bring it on USB on the day.
3. IAUN PowerPoint slide template available here if you wish to use it.
4. Please be available during poster viewing to discuss your work with conference delegates.
5. Posters will be judged by an external adjudicator and discussed with 2 committee members. Judges decision is final.

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Previous Winners

iaun-poster-mary-cremin-2018 – Mary Cremin (Winning poster 2018)

magnetic-stent-removal-d-rooney – Winning Poster 2017

Poster on Urinary Catheters – Winning Poster 2014

LIZ’S TRUS Posterfinal – Winning Poster 2014

AD poster May 13 – Winning Poster 2013

Mary Cooney POSTER 2011 Urinary Catheter Care AUDIT – Winning Poster 2011