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Welcome to the IAUN

Irish Association For Urologuy Nurses

The Irish Association of Urology Nurses is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 by a group of motivated nurses committed to growing and developing Urology nursing in Ireland.

Our Aim

We aim to act as a representative body for Urology nurses and promote the development and practice of high quality, evidence based holistic nursing care.  We aspire to provide education and support through our Annual Educational Conference which also serves as a wonderful opportunity for members to network and share knowledge and experience.

We offer a combined IAUN/EAUN (European Association of Urology Nurses) membership package allowing you full member access to EAUN.

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About The Irish Association For Urology Nurses

The Irish Association of Urology Nurses was founded in April, 2002 by nurses committed to developing an organisation for those who have a special interest in Urology. We are a non-profit association which acts as a representative body for qualified nurses and allied health care workers. To view a copy of our Constitution click here.

Our Aims
• To act as a representative body for nurses working in or who have an interest in urology
• To promote high standards in the practice and development of urological nursing

Our vision for the future
We recognise the need for a more holistic approach to the care of Urology patients providing an expert advisory service with the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of all treatment plans as appropriate. We aim to provide ongoing education and support through dissemination of current information and developments through this website and working  in collaboration  with relevant organisations many of which are listed in the resources section.

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Membership Information

IAUN Membership Benefits

Full membership is open for all qualified nurses who work in urology. Full members have full voting rights. Affiliated membership is open to all allied health care professionals with an interest in urology. Affiliated members have no voting rights

The European Association of Urology Nurses [EAUN] has offered increased benefits to IAUN members should we apply as a group. This is a limited offer. They have requested that we pass on our membership details to be included on their database, for their records.

If you do not wish us to pass on your contact details to the EAUN please tick the box in your application form.

If you have difficulties completing online membership please email membership@iaun.ie or IAUN Secretary at secretary@iaun.ie

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Latest News & Events

EAUN 2019 – 20th International Meeting

13th Annual Educational Conference 2016

29th January 2016 Gibson Hotel, Dublin “The Euro-Peeing Perspective” The morning session included informative talks on best practice in urological care of patients with a learning disability, catheter care and troubleshooting.  There was an insightful presentation on the future of urology education and the importance of a common framework.  The afternoon session opened with a […]

14th Annual Educational Conference 2017

27th January 2017 Gibson Hotel, Dublin “ROBO ROCK” Sessions included informative talks including the treatment of renal colic, nursing care of nephrostomy drain, nursing management of sepsis and case study.  Afternoon session was dedicated to prostate cancer, including diagnostic advances and the role of the nurse in survivorship. Poster presentations and feedback from 2016 winner.

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